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Introduction Video To My New Class On Skillshare

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Have you ever been captivated and inspired by some of the manifestos available online and in stores? How would you like to learn how to create your own personal manifesto poster…with your own personal values and beliefs printed on it (and not someone else’s)? No special graphic design skills required…just an easy-to-use free online app! If you’ve never created one for yourself, then here’s your opportunity to define your true self. Who you are and what matters to you!

This 25-minute class are for individuals young and old who are looking for inspiration to better themselves – I call them “lifelong learners”. I also see couples and families who are sharing their lives together doing this meaningful project together 🙂

This class is designed to take you to a journey of deeper level of self-awareness and self-discovery and cultivate your creativity. It can get a bit overwhelming to create your own personal manifesto, I will help you organize your thoughts with my Life’s Core Four so everything flows when creating your manifesto statements. Best of all, you’ll learn how to create your own professional looking manifesto poster. All with ease using the very simple and powerful app! I really think you’re going to enjoy this class!

Your finished project will give your life more meaning and inspiration. Not just to yourself, but also to the people you share it with!

Join me in this inspiring class!

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