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Hi, I’m Cherry!

A professional coach, motivational teacher and the creator of #TTFTD Vignettes – where mindfulness meets inspiration and creativity. I’m here to help you develop a deeper level of self-awareness so you can bring out more meaning and positive change in your life, and be the next best version of yourself in your family life, personal and professional life. I have helped parents, educators, managers, young professionals, young adults and teens.

I’m here to serve you and join you in your journey to endless possibilities. Together we can bring about the transformation you’ve been longing for!

An Analyst, Organizer and Beyond

I find bliss in capturing moments, telling stories and sharing my wisdom to inspire people. I think I’d be an awesome photographer if I choose to be one. But I’m more like an analyst. Discovering the truth is my superpower! Organizing is something I do naturally since I was a child and I’m proud to share that the only award I received in class was for being “Well Groomed” (and that also included my locker).

I was born and raised in the Philippines and it’s where I also completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Fruit names, educators and artists – runs in the family. My early career path working as a computer programmer, systems analyst and tech support for more than two decades helped me become effective as a problem-solver (and a total introvert). Strange as it may sound for some people, I honestly found troubleshooting and researching for solutions to be the most exciting and motivating part of my work back then. I eventually get bored when there’s nothing to troubleshoot or change.

I moved on to working as a Branch Manager for an insurance agency and it’s where I gained my experience in business management. It was during this time of my career when I developed my people skills, learned the power of positive attitude and most especially — a smile.


CFamily 2014


When I’m not wearing my professional hat, I’m basically just busy living my life as a lifelong learner, a wife, a mom to our three grown kids, and as the queen to our Italian Greyhound. Our family, they are the ultimate reason for my existence. I love that we all work as a team, we bond like friends and with my husband and soul mate—we remain to be the life mentors to our children.

I’ve always looked for something more meaningful than my work, so alongside of my career for more than a decade, I dedicated my service to a family group ministry. Leading the women’s group gave my life a higher purpose. It was during this time of my life when my passion for leading, mentoring and teaching emerged.

The Shift

In 2012, my career journey took an unforeseen turn and led me to seek a different path that was more purpose-driven. One thing led to another, after I came across a video from about finding my passion and purpose given by John Maxwell. Soon thereafter, I started Utmost Organizing to help home-based business owners with their bookkeeping to save them time during tax time, create a clutter-free workspace for clarity and get their documents organized in the Cloud for accessibility.

JMTSeal-revNot for long, my journey led me to become a Certified Member of The John Maxwell Team. To this day, it’s been about growing intentionally to my highest potential and living out my passion in teaching, facilitating and coaching. When I’m able to impart wisdom to others, bring out the best in them and empower them to achieve things they didn’t think possible—that to me is priceless and the most fulfilling part of my journey!

How I Can Add Value to You

What I can bring to the table is backed by a unique blend of life experience, continuous learning, guidance from my mentors, and collaboration with other specialized coaches, trainers, life-changers and strong like-minded entrepreneurs. I leverage my years of experience in leading a women’s group, mentoring and facilitating experience in a family ministry, adding value to people as a branch manager, belief in teamwork as a computer programmer, and more than two decades of marriage and parenting.




About CherryReyes & Solutions

CherryReyes & Solutions provides lifelong practical solutions in today’s marketplace. Our coaching services and customized educational programs on leadership, personal development and financial literacy have been empowering schools, businesses and the lives of individuals (from teens, young adults and middle-aged adults) across the U.S. and now in the Philippines.

Ways I Can Serve You and/or Your Organization Through My Business:

• One-on-One Coaching
• Group Coaching
• Workshops
• Learning Lunches
• Retreats
• Virtual Classes
• Masterminding/Roundtable Facilitation


Feel free to share or download my #TTFTD Vignettes.
I created them with the intention to inspire you and others.
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“I learned that … the only constant in life is change, simply because our very nature is to grow;
people are here to stay whether we like it or not and money matters will always be a part of our lives, hence developing our people skills and financial literacy are vital keys to our success and happiness;
books, videos and audios give us access to the greatest minds of all time to help expand our thinking;
we each have a dream designed to fulfill a unique purpose to help others;
the more we invest in ourselves to develop ourselves, the more value we can give to others … because we cannot give what we do not have;
a clear vision gives meaning to our lives and a motivation to grow into it, which then leads us to fulfilling our purpose.


Enjoy listening to this 1-minute audio clip from my virtual mastermind on John Maxwell’s “Everyone Communicates Few Connect”!


I want to share with you the video from on the topic about finding your passion and purpose given by John C. Maxwell. I’ve shared this video in my workshops and everyone appreciates it all the time! I hope you do too.


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